What is Custom Profile Extrusion?

Custom profile extrusion is a unique category of extrusion processing.

We produce an endless variety of shapes to be used as component parts or as finished goods in a large array of applications and industries. Some of these shapes are simple and some are very complex. Since extrusion is a continuous process, parts can be extruded to any desired length.

Profile extrusions can be made from strong rigid materials or from soft flexible materials to form countless shapes to be used in a variety of industries. Two or more different materials can be combined in a single extrusion to provide multiple functions in one part.

A typical project involves working with our customer's design or designing a profile with our customer based on their requirements. During a project we may suggest changes to keep the part as economical as possible. We also strive for an understanding of the function of the extrusion because the better we understand the part, the better job we can do assuring the extrusion will meet the specifications and perform as expected.

Typically an engineering charge to design and build the tool is required. To keep the engineering charge as low as possible we maintain an assortment of adapters and transition plates that can be used with different profiles. Once our customer has paid an engineering charge they have exclusive rights of their tool. We will not use your tool for other customers.

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