Health Shields

Our health SHIELDS provide the community with an economical and cost-effective way to keep employees, customers, and students safe.

Covid-19 has drastically altered the way that our nation functions. After extensive research on the history of viruses, we have reached the conclusion that global pandemics are occurring more frequently with less time passing between each outbreak. In order to keep our community open and healthy, we have designed a new line of custom health guards so that everyone can feel safe while maintaining both social connections and social distancing.

The health shields can be cleaned with non-abrasive glass cleaners and easily adjusted to reduce exposure to airborne droplets that cause viruses and can reduce exposure to Covid-19. These shields assist in the overall economic stability of the community by reducing transmitted coronavirus cases and allowing schools and businesses to continue to operate.

Personal Health Shield (PHS)

Using our existing expertise in plastic extrusions, we engineered a Personal Health Shield (PHS) geared towards individual workers and students. The state of the art “living hinge” system lets the Plexiglas panels fold, allowing for more function and portability. The PHS can be immediately set up in areas like student desks, workstations and conference tables. The PHS comes with plastic feet for extra stability that can be attached to the work surface and removed without leaving a residue. Logos and colors can be easily integrated.

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Our Custom Health Shield (CHS)

Our Custom Health Shield (CHS) is designed for larger areas and more permanent use. This product can be ordered to fit the specific dimensions of any reception area, cubicle or lab table. The design allows for setup in round, square, angular or rectangular shapes. The Custom Health Shield does not require tools, extra construction or a difficult installation process. Customers can custom order specialty cutouts for temperature taking and contactless exchanges.

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